About CZG

CZG is a one-stop-shop for a complete audiovisual experience. A film studio set at the heart of Mumbai, right at the hub of filmmakers and creative professionals of the Indian film industry.

A start to finish project, be it an Advertisement Film to be played at cinema theatres or short commercial films for audiences on Television, or a corporate film designed for training purposes or as adverts to be played at malls or such outlets; at CZG studios we work with single-minded focus on high quality of the deliverables.

CZG is proud of its core team of creative professionals comprising of filmmakers, established scriptwriters and popular lyricists as well as stylish cinematographers. Each and every film or Advertising project undertaken by CZG is after careful consideration and in-depth deliberations. Thereby strictly working as per the client’s requirements and guidelines; our core competence lies in bringing ideas on to the visual mediums and help the client achieve his final objective.

We offer to initiate a project right from the scripting stage with a team of writers, who conceptualize various ideas into coherent scripts, those which includes details of visuals and corroborating audio.
The content is the key to unlock an idea and turn it into an entertaining video, one designed carefully to hit its mark and leave a long-lasting impression on the target audience /general viewer.

A final version of the script, once approved and greenlit by the client is sourced to a creative team of filmmakers, who design visuals and plan shooting it on camera. Subsequently, the use of a storyboard, where a script is broken down into visuals and references as sketches, gives a clearer idea to the client about how his product/ idea would eventually be executed on a film.
A team of expert production controllers and location managers constitute the executive part of the process, our professionals, each with wide experience in this field, set up the shooting process and adhere to the budgets species and approved by the clients.

The casting of the actors and models who define and enhance the brand value of the product are decided by expert casting agencies contractually aligned with CZG. Our objective is to make sure the Audiovisual retains a magnetic pull for the audience to respond and react to the placement of the product.

Finally, a version is delivered after a detailed shooting and editing process and the client has the advantage of making changes as per their requirements and final objectives. Once it’s finalized and approved, the editing process is completed and background music is placed along with voice over as per the script requisite. All this is done under the watchful eyes of a dedicated team of a writer, a film director, and a professional creative Director.